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Apricot Mousse

Dairy free apricot mousse

Chocolate Bubble Pudding Apricots are one of my favourite summer fruits, and each year I get stupidly excited when they become available. They are so fragile and less popular than strawberries and raspberries. I can’t help wonder if I love them so because few others do – backing the summer fruit underdog! Apricots were one… 

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Silo Brighton

Zero Waste & Utopia Chickens, a Visit to Silo Restaurant in Brighton

As a trained Natural Chef with a certain consciousness towards the epic amounts of food waste in the food industry, I listened with interest about Silo in Brighton’s zero waste policy. Another of their unique selling points is a pre-industrial food system concept, and words such as natural, primitive, whole and unprocessed appear in their publicity… 

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Brunch Bowl with Poached Egg and Avocado Cream

Sweet Potato & Buckwheat Brunch Bowl with Avocado Cream

Brunching with yoga  This is the second buckwheat recipe on the blog this last month. Buckwheat is the new quinoa. Trust me. It is hardier, holds its shape in a cold salad (or brunch bowl) way better than mushy quinoa ever would. And despite the fact I had an exam in cooking quinoa (I kid… 

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Salad Shot SJphotography workshop | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Food & Lifestyle Photography Workshop

Sunday 31st May I headed to the beautiful Lyle’s in Shoreditch for a food & lifestyle photography workshop led by photographers Jo Yee, Šárka Babická, and food stylist and writer Olia Hercules. Though I’ve been blogging here for four years, I am brand new to the world of DSLR photography, and my interest in food and prop styling… 

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Stuffed peppers with tuna

Pepperoncini con Tonno

AKA mini peppers with tuna Early evening, sundown has always been my favorite time of day on holiday. Skin positively glowing from a day soaking up vitamin D, legs and arms aching from a dip on the sea. My mum used to use an old fashioned phrase “is the sun over the yardarm yet?” If… 

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