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Kabocha Hummus & Aubergine in Chickpea Wraps

Kabocha Hummus in Chickpea Wraps | Natural Kitchen Adventures. Vegan and Gluten Free

It’s A Wrap Meet kabocha squash, the nuttier and firmer fleshed of the autumn squashes with an impossibly tough skin and a taste reminiscent of sweet chestnuts. Its quite possibly by my favourite of all the squashes.  Mostly because its fairly rare round these parts and only appears at the farmers markets or proper grocery stores for… 

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Langoustines, Lime Mayonnaise, Sweet Potato Rosti | Natural Kitchen Adventures

‘Langos’ Langoustines with Lime Mayonnaise on Sweet Potato Rosti

Langos! Aged 15 I started my first Saturday job in my home town’s finest fish and chip takeaway.  Week after week I served our regular customers paper wrapped portions of cod or haddock (most popular), battered sausages (yes, this is a thing) and the occasional scampi, all accompanied by tumbling bags of oily fat chips…. 

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Japanese Black Noodle Salad | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Warm Japanese Black Noodle Salad

Black Magic One of the joys of instagram is the way it can bring like minded people together.  I’ve had more experiences of this as blogger than I ever could have imagined;  Stumbling across a beautiful feed, following for inspiration, then by magic (or is it?) ending up meeting in person through one blogger event or another…. 

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Buckwheat Galette Complète - ham, comte cheese and egg

Breton Buckwheat Galette Complète with Ham, Comté Cheese and Egg

C’est sans gluten? Mais oui! Whilst eating a melted cheese and ham monster of a galette a few weeks back it struck me this was possibly the nearest thing to a cheese toasty I had devoured in years. It then may not surprise you that Buckwheat galettes are one of my favourite discoveries from recent years.  Not… 

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Pan-fried chicory (endive) with feta and hazelnuts

Pan-fried Chicory (Belgian Endive) with Crumbled Feta and Hazelnuts

A seasonal side dish  I don’t believe that chicory gets enough love aside from its genius usefulness as a healthy canapé scoop. Perfect with crushed peas and dill, ricotta or an olive tapanade. I can imagine why – on its own it tastes fairly bitter, so even in a salad paired with creamy avocado or goats cheese… 

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