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A Natural Chef in Paris

Bread, Quiche and a Berry Tart from Noglu

My trip to Paris last week came at a time when I was suffering from writer’s block. I’m never short of a few words, but I felt like I was just going through the process of stringing words together to describe my recipes – recipes that had been devised for other purposes, a brand, a… 

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Tips for food bloggers


The end of the year seems to be the right time to reflect on the past year, focusing on the triumphs, less on the failures and sharing any wisdom learnt. Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post offering some tips on things I’d learnt in my first 18 months of blogging, and I’m so happy… 

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Orange Scented Duck Liver Pâté

 Return of the Duck. I recently had the opportunity to re-shoot and improve an old favourite duck liver pâté recipe for a Guest Post for Gressingham Duck,   I was so pleased with the photos, as well as the recipe itself, it seemed a waste not to repost it for you all to enjoy.  It seems… 

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The King{fish} & I

Billingsgate Fish Market

There’s something fishy going on in London’s Docklands.. We all know fish and seafood is good for you; Oily fish contain good fat in the form of Omega 3, white fish provide lean protein, fish is in general lighter on the digestion, and shellfish such as oysters are fill of zinc.  Sadly, fish is often thought of… 

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Gluten Free Cauliflower Cheese with Almond Milk Bechamel

Cauliflower Cheese with a Gluten Free Almond Milk Béchamel & Crispy Truffled Capers

Finding Comfort in Change A bowl of veggies in a creamy cheese sauce enriched with the exquisite flavor of truffle, is about as comforting as comfort food gets. This last week brought a surprising change in my rollercoaster journey from Orchestra Manager to Natural Chef. Life as a freelancer is notoriously fickle, and for the… 

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Crispy Duck Legs with Hoisin Sauce

Crispy Duck Legs with Gluten Free Hoisin Sauce

Take your time. I won’t be Peking in on you. Sigh. The trouble with having friends round for dinner when you’ve trained as a chef is that dinner can’t be a lazy cop out. Nothing wrong with a tray of roasted veg served with some delicious fish, but I expect more of myself! I view… 

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