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Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce, topped with Ginger Pork Meatballs

Eaten with chopsticks??

Nuts for peanuts I love to freestyle in the kitchen, not follow a specific recipe or even have an end result in mind. It’s often when I come up with some of my greatest ideas. Could this pork dish have a more complex taste if I’d have researched some specific flavours to add in? Yes…. 

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Favourite 5 Red Kitchen Accessories

L:  Before & R:  After

Kitchen Renovating Adventures Last year I went through the hideous process of knocking down a small wall in the hallway of my one bed flat to steal an extra 1m of space for my kitchen.   This extra space was stolen for the intention of housing a fridge, because let’s be honest a fridge really… 

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Open Sushi Salad

Open Cauliflower Sushi Salad with Smoked Salmon

Shake rattle and un-roll Rolling sushi is a bit of an art. Rolling rice-substitution cauliflower sushi without the sticky starch of rice to bind the insides together is down right near on impossible.  Well, not impossible, but ya know, plonking seasoned cauliflower rice on top of 2 sheets of nori seaweed is way easier. Yonks ago… 

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Jerk Chicken

Caribbean Cuisine

Despite my fear of boats (thank you Titanic),  I have always wanted to go on a cruise.  It’s s a luxurious way to see the world, a chance to cruise in the sun over glistening blue waters, stopping at multiple destinations without having to re-pack your suitcase time and again (my least favourite aspect of… 

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Courgetti con le Sarde

Sicilian Sardine Courgetti with Sultanas & Pine Nuts

Another tinned sardine recipe…  In last week’s post I showed you a simple, no-cook 5 minute paté recipe made with a humble tin of sardines. Turns out a fair few of you DO enjoy sardines. I’m impressed and delighted and hope that means this second quick tinned sardine recipe will go down a storm. It may… 

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Sardine Pate on gluten free cripsbread

Tomato & Basil Tinned Sardine Paté

Sardines in disguise I often joke that I could live off tinned sardines or mackerel. It’s the perfect omega 3 essential fatty acid and protein package, doused in olive oil and bound up in a long-life tin. Tinned fish is the perfect handbag/desk drawer emergency food to add to a supermarket salad pot in times… 

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