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Buckwheat & Chickpea salad with Rocket & Brazil Nut Pesto

Buckwheat & Chickpea Salad with Brazil Nut & Rocket Pesto

Eat a vegetable week Over the last year, I have found myself exploring more and more vegetarian food. In part, it’s an attempt to live more off things that come from the earth, but also to set myself new culinary challenges to expand my knowledge and repertoire. It’s quite hard to believe that before this,… 

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gluten free almond buckwheat Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

The carrot that got the cream  The final day I lived below the line, I looked in my diary and in horror realised I had agreed to make a carrot cake for a local food bank festival fundraiser. Luckily I have made this cake many times before, including at a gluten free baking lesson earlier… 

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courgetti carbonara |

Courgetti Carbonara & 4 years of blogging

The last 4 years  On 30 April 2011, I sat down and wrote my first blog post. A simple recipe using my new spiralizer toy, a courgette and an egg. Badly photographed, but energized with all the passion for sharing my ideas for healthful eating – the reason I started blogging. Anniversaries allow us to look… 

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Live Below The Line with Ceri Jones | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Live Below the Line: Reflections on my Challenge

Live below the line is a sponsored challenge to live on just £5 for 5 days to raise awareness and funds to fight world poverty. For participants this is just a 5-day make-believe, but according to research by Live Below the Line it is a reality that 20% of the worlds population live in extreme… 

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Live Below The Line: The 2015 Edition

Live below the line is a sponsored challenge to live on just £5 for 5 days to raise awareness and funds for world poverty.  For participants this is just a 5-day make-believe, but for for 20% of the worlds population who live in poverty this is a reality. In 2014 I lived below the line for the first time.  I wanted to… 

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