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Radicchio and Walnut Spaghetti

Raddichio & Walnut Spaghetti | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Totally Rad I think I’m discovering that you guys prefer the simplest of my recipes; the overnight oats, the things that take very little effort or are quick, and perhaps ultimately make your life easier.  So here’s another one for you.  It barely takes 12 minutes from start to finish. It all started with a box of veg…. 

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Curly Kale Sprout Chicken Blood Orange | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Massaged Kale and Shaved Sprouts Salad with Shredded Chicken & Blood Orange Tahini Dressing

Blood Oranges are Back, Alright! And they are here to brighten up my Winter. I’ve been pontificating on seasonal produce a lot of late.  In doing so I realised that some of my most favourite fruits; apricots, pomegranates, blood orange and figs are those that have relatively short and specific seasons, and I think that’s actually what makes them… 

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Cauliflower & Cavolo Nero Pakora with Coconut and Coriander Chutney, Gluten Free, Street Food, Vegan, Dairy Free | Natural Kitchen Adventures

Cauliflower & Cavolo Nero Vegetable Pakoras with Coriander and Coconut Chutneys

Seasonal Street Food Starter I adore these pakoras for so many reasons;  using hot to trot seasonal vegetables, using naturally gluten free gram flour for the batter, and accompanied by tasty chutneys, they are perfect nibbly bites for a street food inspired snack or a dinner party starter. So, I’m year 2 of my natural chef… 

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baked cassava fries, street food, vegan, gluten free, paleo

Baked Cassava Root Fries with Smokey Tomato Dip

Step aside white potato. Never heard of cassava before?  If you live in one of London’s multicultural neighbour hoods I am sure that you have seen this brown vegetable and wondered what on earth it was.  Is it even a vegetable?  It looks much like a log, or an amputated arm of a yeti. Cassava is… 

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Overnight Oats Cashew Butter Breakfast Froothie

Overnight Oats with Homemade Cashew Butter

Introducing the Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender In December us bloggers and many food focussed websites were flogging you sugary treats, indulgences and 1000′s of Christmas recipes.  In January, the tables have turned and now its all about resolutions and detoxes.  It’s hard to have your own voice amongst all of that so today I’m going to… 

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