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Roasted Caraway Roots with Duck Breast & Smoked Paprika Dressing

Caraway Roots Duck Salad | Natural Kitchen Adventure

Get caraway{ed} Vegetarian dishes have taken centre stage over here lately.  This change of direction was never a conscious decision, more that it was a natural evolution as a higher proportion of my professional culinary work this last year has been for vegetarian and vegan focussed clients.  I’ve loved the challenge of making vegetarian food more interesting without… 

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Christmas Cake with Amaretto Soaked Fruit {gluten free} Natural Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Christmas Cake with Amaretto Soaked Fruit

Stir it up! On Sunday 22nd November households up and down the country will be taking part in Stir-up Sunday; the last Sunday before advent when traditionally Christmas pudding and cake will be stirred up ready for Christmas.  I think this is such a lovely tradition, and one that has existed since Victorian times.  … 

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Cranberry and Macadamia Cookies

Cranberry & Macadamia Cookies

Today’s post is a guest post from Laura Agar Wilson who writes the wonderfully motivating blog Wholeheartedly Healthy.  I was thrilled when Laura asked if we could do a blog swap this week; you can find my recipe for Squash, cauliflower and toasted chickpea salad with coriander pesto and feta  over there today.  Laura was actually one… 

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Gluten Free Bara Brith, a Welsh tea loaf by Natural Kitchen Adventures

Bara Brith, a Welsh Fruit Tea Loaf {Gluten Free}

Rubgy snacking? I was devastated when Wales got kicked out of the rugby world cup by South Africa at the quarter final stage this year.   After the thrill of surviving the preliminary ‘group of death’ the anguish of being knocked out hit hard.  The match was a full on 80 minutes of heart racing hope, excitement… 

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Gluten Free Pizza with Figs, Feta and Kale Pesto

Gluten Free Pizza with Figs, Feta & Kale Pesto

Pizza the Action This is the first pizza recipe to make it on to the blog in its 4.5 years of existence.  3 pizza dough attempts down the line, I can see why I left it this long. When Kimberly from The Little Plantation whom I met at a photography workshop earlier this year asked if we could… 

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