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My Dining Table: Rituals, Memories & Mindfulness

NB not my dining table (I wish).  Image from Dig & Mig Blog

When I lived in California earlier this year I had the luxury of renting a room in a glorious 4-bedroom house. The open plan living & dining room had a beautiful large dining table and it was the hub of the shared tenant home. It was where I shared chats over meals with my new… 

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Simple Shredded Chicken tossed with a Rocket, Apple, Fennel & Walnut Salad

A forkful of salad

Autumn Seasonal Salads One of my favourite things about September in the UK is the warm blast of an Indian Summer day that has me wanting lighter foods like this salad for lunch before we move to the chills that have us craving heartier fare.  It was exactly this time last year that I moved… 

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Bresaola | A closed Pizzeria in Lucca

Where to Eat in Tuscany & Cinque Terra

From my Secret {Gluten Free} Foodie Address Book In last week’s post I focused on the gluten free treats I discovered in Tuscany whilst there for a yoga retreat last month. In today’s post I offer you some of my top recommendations for where to eat in Tuscany & Cinque Terra.  I have included some gluten… 

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Ossa Da Mordere

Tales from my trip to Tuscany & my 5 top naturally gluten free Tuscan treats

I’ve just returned from quite the holiday in Italy. It was my longest vacation in 14 years, and one of the best, in terms of all the amazing places I got to see, the yoga retreat I attended, and spending precious time with friends who’d travelled half way across the world to join me on… 

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Eaten with chopsticks??

Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce, topped with Ginger Pork Meatballs

Nuts for peanuts I love to freestyle in the kitchen, not follow a specific recipe or even have an end result in mind. It’s often when I come up with some of my greatest ideas. Could this pork dish have a more complex taste if I’d have researched some specific flavours to add in? Yes…. 

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L:  Before & R:  After

Favourite 5 Red Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Renovating Adventures Last year I went through the hideous process of knocking down a small wall in the hallway of my one bed flat to steal an extra 1m of space for my kitchen.   This extra space was stolen for the intention of housing a fridge, because let’s be honest a fridge really… 

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